Gingerbread Christmas tree

Christmas Craft & Bake Sale

Christmas Craft Sale Saturday December 7th

We know there are many talented persons in our parish that would like to donate a few handcrafted or home-baked items. We have such a diverse parish and hope to have representation from all ethnic groups. Items for sale are to be donated by our OLA parishioners and/or community friends. There will be craft kits, grab bags and games for the children. The Ladies Guild will use proceeds to aide our parish needs, the nearby community and diocesan organizations.

If you knit or sew, bake/make holiday goodies, jewelry, soaps/candles or create gift baskets or Christmas decor we can use your talents. As well as those that paint or sculpt, make birdhouses or wooden handicrafts, we can use the fruits of your labor.

If interested in donating items for the OLA Craft and Bake Sale or donating your time to assist with this event, please give us a call as soon as possible. Our contacts will fill you in on all the details.

The craft sale will be a great chance to find unique and one of a kind gifts for family, friends, teachers or yourself. Contact Mary Sparger, 704-455-5365.