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Cross draped with purple cloth

First Sunday Lent 2018

MARK 1:12-15 Here we are on our first Sunday of Lent. For some of us it must be a relief to have this time set aside by the church, to get our lives in order again. For others, we might be asking ourselves, “Do I really need Lent?” Perhaps instead of seeing Lent as a…

Cross draped with purple cloth

Primer domingo de Cuaresma 2018

Aquí estamos en nuestro primer domingo de Cuaresma. Para algunos de nosotros debe ser un alivio tener este tiempo, apartado por la iglesia, para poner nuestras vidas en orden otra vez. Para otros, podríamos preguntarnos: “¿Realmente, necesito la Cuaresma?” Quizás en lugar de ver la Cuaresma como un tiempo para privarnos, (tal vez para perder…

Cross draped with purple cloth

Fifth Sunday of Lent 2018

JOHN 11:1-41 “Yes, Lord. I have come to believe that you are the Christ, the Son of God.” Wait a minute! Isn’t this the same Martha who had complained to Jesus that her sister Mary was being lazy and was leaving all the work for her? Yes, it is. But here she is, making such…