Sermons by Deacon Kevin Williams

Bible open to the Psalm

Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (August 2019)

The movie Finding Nemo came out a few years ago now, but today’s gospel still reminds me of a scene from that movie. Maybe you remember it. It’s where a bunch of hungry seagulls spot some food, and they’re all yelling, ‘mine, mine, mine!’
Well, the rich man that Jesus talks about is a lot like those seagulls. Can’t you just see Him? – there is so much here and it’s all mine!

Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Luke 10:1-12, 17-20 Sometimes, when we’re reading a passage from Scripture, something will jump out that we don’t expect. That’s what happened to me as I was preparing this homily. When I read today’s gospel, the phrase that stood out to me was this: Jesus told the disciples that their names are written in heaven.…

Advent wreath candles

Fourth Sunday of Advent 2018

LUKE 18:1-8 You may remember me mentioning some videos on YouTube by Fr. Mike Schmitz. I saw one recently where he talks about how life must have been for Mary. He highlighted a particular aspect of Mary’s life. He talked about the impact that being sinless would have on a person’s day to day life.

Bible open to the Psalm

Tenth Sunday Ordinary Time 2018

MARK 3:20-35 You may have noticed that St. Mark covered a lot of ground in this gospel passage. Mark starts out by saying that Jesus’ relatives accused him of being out of His mind. Then he shows the scribes saying that Jesus was an agent of the devil himself. Jesus then says they are guilty…