Sermons by Deacon Kevin Williams

Bible open to the Psalms / Bible open to the Psalm

Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time (August 2019)

The movie Finding Nemo came out a few years ago now, but today’s gospel still reminds me of a scene from that movie. Maybe you remember it. It’s where a bunch of hungry seagulls spot some food, and they’re all yelling, ‘mine, mine, mine!’
Well, the rich man that Jesus talks about is a lot like those seagulls. Can’t you just see Him? – there is so much here and it’s all mine!

Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

Luke 10:1-12, 17-20 Sometimes, when we’re reading a passage from Scripture, something will jump out that we don’t expect. That’s what happened to me as I was preparing this homily. When I read today’s gospel, the phrase that stood out to me was this: Jesus told the disciples that their names are written in heaven.…

Advent wreath candles

Fourth Sunday of Advent 2018

LUKE 18:1-8 You may remember me mentioning some videos on YouTube by Fr. Mike Schmitz. I saw one recently where he talks about how life must have been for Mary. He highlighted a particular aspect of Mary’s life. He talked about the impact that being sinless would have on a person’s day to day life.