Bible open to the Psalms / Bible open to the Psalm

Second Sunday Ordinary Time (January 2019)

JOHN 2 No shotgun wedding here. It’s a very proper arranged marriage—and the whole village of Cana is invited. The problem is, the whole village comes, whether they have RSVPed or not. So, the wine starts running out on the third day of the festivities. Somehow the problem is solved, the family’s honor is preserved,…

Advent wreath candles

Fourth Sunday of Advent 2018

LUKE 18:1-8 You may remember me mentioning some videos on YouTube by Fr. Mike Schmitz. I saw one recently where he talks about how life must have been for Mary. He highlighted a particular aspect of Mary’s life. He talked about the impact that being sinless would have on a person’s day to day life.

Palm Sunday 2011

Walking from Bethany to Mt. Zion is a notable journey, by no means an easy one. It is a mile and a half climbing and descending through the hills of Judea. You cross the Mount of Olives and pass by the olive trees that have been there since the time of Jesus. Then you descend…

Three magi on camels

Epiphany 2018

As we approach the end of the Christmas Season – we rejoice in our recollection of the Epiphany of the Lord, the manifestation the “showing” of the Son of God to man. This beautiful story of the Wise Men is among the favorites of the Christian people. It is colorful, rich, multi-leveled, endless in its…

Cross draped with purple cloth

First Sunday Lent 2018

MARK 1:12-15 Here we are on our first Sunday of Lent. For some of us it must be a relief to have this time set aside by the church, to get our lives in order again. For others, we might be asking ourselves, “Do I really need Lent?” Perhaps instead of seeing Lent as a…

Cross draped with purple cloth

Primer domingo de Cuaresma 2018

Aquí estamos en nuestro primer domingo de Cuaresma. Para algunos de nosotros debe ser un alivio tener este tiempo, apartado por la iglesia, para poner nuestras vidas en orden otra vez. Para otros, podríamos preguntarnos: “¿Realmente, necesito la Cuaresma?” Quizás en lugar de ver la Cuaresma como un tiempo para privarnos, (tal vez para perder…

Empty cross at sunrise

Easter Sunday 2018

Growing up in the Jewish faith I am always intrigued by the frequent overlapping of Easter and Passover — our Holy Week and the eight-day celebration of Passover. Unlike the yoking of Christmas and Hanukkah, Easter and Passover are festivals of equal gravity. Side by side they bring to light the deep structures of both…